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Capital Markets & Derivatives Training

We have listed some of the books we think provide the best overview, analysis, explanation of the capital and derivatives markets. The suggested books range from beginners guides, to the more advanced, and cover a wide range of capital and derivative market issues and concepts.


Beginners Guide to Investment

Author: Bernard Gray

Publisher: Random House Business Books

ISBN: 978-0712698641

The "Financial Times" Guide to Using the Financial Pages

Author: Romesh Vaitlingam

Publisher: Financial Times / Prentice Hall

ISBN: 978-0273652632

How to Read the Financial Pages: A Simple Guide to the Way Money Works and the Jargon

Author: Michael Brett

Publisher: Random House Business Books

ISBN: 978-0712680776

Recommended for a very good intro to financial markets, terminology and a clear simple explanation of the products.

Financial calculations

Financial Modeling using Excel™ and VBA

Author: Chandan Sengupta

Publisher: John Wiley &Sons

ISBN: 978-0471267683

Recommended for a very good and easy guide to Excel™ programming using many of Excel™'s built in functions.

Excel™ 2003 Formulas

Author: John Walkenbach

Publisher: John Wiley &Sons

ISBN: 978-0764540738

Probability Demystified: A Self-teaching Guide

Author: Allan Bluman

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional

ISBN: 78-0071445498

Statistics For People Who (Think They) Hate Statistics

Author: Neil Salkind

Publisher: Sage Publications

ISBN: 978-0761927884

Calculus for Dummies

Author: Mark Ryan

Publisher: John Wiley &Sons

ISBN: 978-0764524981

Mastering Financial Calculations: A Step-by-step Guide to the Mathematics of Financial Markets

Author: Rob Steiner

Publisher: Financial Times / Prentice Hall

ISBN: 978-0273625872

Fixed Income Calculations: Money Market Paper and Bonds

Author: Stigum and Robinson

Publisher: Irwin Professional Publishing

ISBN: 978-1556234767


The European Bond Basis

Author: Chris Plona

Publisher: Irwin Professional

ISBN: 978-0786308521

Futures, Options and Swaps

Author: Robert W. Kolb

Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell

ISBN: 978-1577180630

Options, Futures and Other Derivative Securities

Author: John Hull

Publisher: Pearson US

ISBN: 978-0132643672

Very good coverage but a bit mathematical.

Options for the Stock Investor: How Any Investor Can Use Options to Enhance and Protect Their Return

Author: James B. Bittman

Publisher: Irwin Professional Publishing

ISBN: 978-1557388728

Valuation of Fixed Income Securities and Derivatives

Author: Frank J Fabozzi

Publisher: F.J. Fabozzi Associates

ISBN: 978-1883249069

Derivatives: Valuation and Risk Management

Author: David A. Dubofsky

Publisher: OUP USA

ISBN: 978-0195114706

Recommended for a one stop shop book on all the detail needed to understand the important attributes of the underlying markets and derivatives, written in plain English and straight forward use of calculations.

The Complete Guide to Option Pricing Formulas

Author: Espen Gaarder Haug

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional

ISBN: 978-0071389976

Includes DVD with loads of Excel™ options models to play with.

The Eurodollar Futures and Options Handbook

Author: Galen Burghardt

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional

ISBN: 978-0071418553

The bible for STIR futures.

Taleb on Risk: Dynamic Hedging

Author: Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Publisher: John Wiley &Sons

ISBN: 978-0471152804

This is a great book on how to manage exotic OTC option positions.

Option Volatility &Pricing

Author: Sheldon Natenberg

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional

ISBN: 978-1557384867

Written by a trader, for (professional) traders. Requires some prior knowledge of options, but is written in a clear and accessible way. The Second Edition was published in 1994, so some material covered is no longer relevant, but that part is very limited.

The Complete Guide to Option Pricing Formulas

Author: Espen Gaarder Haug

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional

ISBN: 978-0071389976

Provides a comprehensive library of option pricing formula, with attendant VBA code.

Exotic Options and Hybrids: A Guide to Structuring, Pricing and Trading

Author: Mohamed Bouzoubaa

Publisher: John Wiley &Sons

ISBN: 978-0470688038

Risk management

Risk Management

Author: M. Crouhy, D. Galai, R. Mark

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional

ISBN: 978-0071357319

Financial Risk Management: A Practitioner's Guide to Managing Market and Credit Risk

Author: Steve L Allen

Publisher: John Wiley &Sons

ISBN: 978-0471219774

Bank Management

Author: T Koch

Publisher: South Western College

ISBN: 978-0324655780

Fixed income

Fixed Income Securities

Author: Bruce Tuckman

Publisher: John Wiley &Sons; 2nd Revised edition

ISBN: 978-0471063223

One of the best introductory texts on fixed income cash and derivative instruments. Although now almost 10-years old, still very relevant.

Bond Markets, Analysis and and Strategies

Author: Frank Fabozzi

Publisher: Pearson

ISBN: 978-0130322104

Recommended as the bible of up to date thinking on bond markets and related derivative instruments – a must have

Collateralized Debt Obligations

Author: Frank Fabozzi

Publisher: John Wiley &Sons

ISBN: 978-0471234869

Mastering Repo Markets

Author: Robert Steiner

Publisher: Financial Times / Prentice Hall

ISBN: 978-0273625896

The Repo Handbook

Author: A Choudhry

Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann

ISBN: 978-0750681599


Swaps and Other Derivatives

Author: Richard Flavell

Publisher: John Wiley &Sons; 2nd Revised edition

ISBN: 978-0470721919

Interest Rate Swaps and Their Derivatives: A Practitioner's Guide

Author: Amir Sadr

Publisher: John Wiley &Sons

ISBN: 978-0470443941


Counterparty Credit Risk:The New Challenge for Global Financial Markets

Author: Jon Gregory

Publisher: John Wiley &Sons

ISBN: 978-0470685761

Mastering Credit Derivatives

Author: Andrew Kasapi

Publisher: Financial Times/ Prentice Hall

ISBN: 978-0273639282

Structured Finance

Demystifying Exotic Products: Interest Rates, Equities and Foreign Exchange

Author: Chia Tan

Publisher: John Wiley &Sons

ISBN: 978-0470748152

Structured Credit Products: Credit Derivatives and Synthetic Securitisation

Author: M Choudhry

Publisher: John Wiley &Sons

ISBN: 978-0470821190

The Structured Credit Handbook

Author: A. Rajan, G. McDermott, R. Roy

Publisher: John Wiley &Sons

ISBN: 978-0471747499

Handbook of Hedge Funds

Author: François-Serge Lhabitant

Publisher: John Wiley &Sons

ISBN: 978-0470026632

Credit Derivatives: Understanding Credit Risk and Credit Instruments

Author: G. Chacko, A Sjoman, H. Motohashi, V. Dessain

Publisher: Prentice Hall

ISBN: 978-0131467446


Analysing Companies and Valuing shares

Author: Michael Cahill

Publisher: Financial Times / Prentice Hall

ISBN: 978-0273663638

The Real Cost of Capital

Author: Ogier, Rugman, Spicer

Publisher: Financial Times

ISBN: 978-0273688747

Good insight to the real costs of capital and how companies are valued, good examples used

Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management

Author: Reilly, Brown

Publisher: South-Western

ISBN: 978-0324289039

Very comprehensive companion to the subject, well laid out and clear.

All About Stocks

Author: Esme Faerber

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional

ISBN: 978-0071494557

Easy start to understanding stocks and shares.

Back office and Operations

The Trade Life-cycle: Behind the Scenes of the Trading Process

Author: Robert P. Baker

Publisher: John Wiley &Sons

ISBN: 978-0470685914

Securities Operations: A Guide to Trade and Position Management

Author: Michael Simmons

Publisher: John Wiley &Sons

ISBN: 978-0471497585

Comprehensive and thorough coverage of securities operations. Primary focus on equities, which is a little limiting, and parts are now out of date.

General interest


Author: Frank Partnoy

Publisher: Profile Business

ISBN: 978-1861970770

Very good warts and all exposé of the world of derivatives and sales.

Rogue Trader

Author: Nick Leeson

Publisher: Sphere

ISBN: 978-0751517088

Still a good read.

Liars Poker

Author: Michael Lewis

Publisher: Coronet Books

ISBN: 978-0340534694

Market Wizards

Author: Jack Schwager

Publisher: Pearson Education

ISBN: 978-0135560938

Reminiscence of a Stock Operator

Author: Edwin Lefevre

Publisher: John Wiley &Sons

ISBN: 978-0471059707

Traders, Guns and Money

Author: Satyajit Das

Publisher: Financial Times / Prentice Hall

ISBN: 978-0273704744

Very amusing and informative account of the use of derivatives in finance.

When Genius Failed: The Rise and Fall of Long Term Capital Management

Author: Roger Lowenstein

Publisher: Fourth Estate

ISBN: 978-1841155043

Recommended for a great insight into how greed and arrogance can end in disaster for investors and Wall St bankers alike.

The Wisdom of Crowds Why the Many Are Smarter Than the Few

Author: James Surowiecki

Publisher: Abacus

ISBN: 978-0349116051

Highly readable account of how collective wisdom of ordinary people can often be proved right against any expert in the market.

Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything

Author: Levitt, Dubner

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 978-0141019017

Capitalism 4.0: The Birth of a New Economy

Author: Anotole Kaletsky

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 978-1408807491

Kaletsky provides a wonderful trip through the various stages of capitalism and presents an alternative view of the current credit crisis together with his interpretations of the dawn of capitalism.

Fooled by Randomness

Author: Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 978-0141034591

The Black Swan

Author: Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 978-0141034591

Explains the pitfalls in blindly assuming that we live in a "normal" world.

A Mathematician Plays the Market

Author: John Paulos

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 978-0141012032

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