CM&DT In-house Training

Course Structure

All of Capital Markets & Derivative Training's courses are bespoke, they are tailored to the clients' specific needs and requirements. As such, there is no definitive course structure or outline for any of our training courses or programmes, as these are agreed with the client with regard to their specific training and education needs.


Capital Markets & Derivatives Training will provide all the collateral needed for each and every course, in terms of course handouts, slides and other material referenced within the training course or workshop.

Most of our clients prefer to "own brand" the training material (slides / handouts etc.), to facilitate this, we provide the client with electronic copies prior to the course.

From workshops to multi-day programmes

Our in-house training services are uniquely flexible. We design courses and programmes according to our clients needs, whether that is for a short workshop focussing on one or two

key issues, or a more in-depth training programme, perhaps lasting several days, focussing on key subject areas or market segments.

However, from practical experience we have developed a number of guidelines that we would recommend to our clients:

  • allow time prior to the workshop for familiarisation
  • aim to keep sessions between 45 minutes and an hour long at most
  • if more than one session, have a fifteen minute break in-between for refreshments and comfort
  • allow time after the workshop for networking.
Half-day courses:
  • people are most receptive during the morning, least receptive just after lunch
  • keep sessions to 90 minutes, two hours at most
  • fifteen minute break between sessions for refreshment and comfort
  • allow time post course for networking.
Full-day courses:
  • aim to start the course at 9.00am or 09.30am, allows people to check their desks prior to attending the course
  • keep sessions to 90 minutes, two hours at the most
  • fifteen minute break between sessions
  • have a lunch break of one hour (to allow discourse with the tutor, catch up on work, and of course lunch)
  • first session after lunch not to be the hardest.
Sample course outlines

Understanding that many of our clients will not have developed training programmes before, we have developed a range of sample course structures to demonstrate typical training courses on a variety of capital market and derivative subjects.

Please see our Capital Markets Training Courses and Derivatives Training Courses for further details.

In-house Training

Capital Markets & Derivatives Training specialise in providing cost-effective and tailored in-house training programmes and courses on the capital and derivatives markets.


CISI Training

CISI Accredited training programmes for the CISI Diploma and CISI Advanced Certificate.


Video tutorials

A wide range of video tutorials on key capital market and derivative subject areas.