CM&DT In-house Training

In-house Training

Capital Markets & Derivatives Training focus is on providing high quality bespoke in-house training programmes for the financial markets.

We design, develop and deliver training courses and programmes that are tailored to meet the specific needs and requirements of our clients.

Advantages of in-house training
  • time - because we come to you, your staff don't have to take time off, or travel to external venues
  • flexibility - our courses can be delivered where and when you want them to be delivered
  • effective - our courses are tailored to our clients needs
  • budgeted - we run our courses on a fixed fee basis

From workshops to multi-day programmes

Our in-house training services are uniquely flexible. We design courses and programmes according to our clients needs, whether that is for a short workshop focussing on one or two

key issues, or a more in-depth training programme, perhaps lasting several days, focussing on key subject areas or market segments.

Our focus: financial markets

Our core expertise is on the financial capital and derivatives markets. We can develop tailored training and education programmes on a wide variety of instruments, asset classes, market structures, market concepts & techniques.

We focus on providing concepts, information, tools and structures that can readily be applied in practice, resulting in measurable benefits to your organisation.

Where to start

From an initial conversation about your requirements, we will identify the issues and training needs that are important to you and your audience. We will then develop a training programme tailored to your specific needs and requirements within your time frame and budgetary constraints.

An initial conversation with us is obligation free, and based on our extensive experience we can often advise you on the most appropriate methods and channels for delivering cost-effective training.

Sample course outlines

Understanding that many of our clients will not have developed training programmes before, we have developed a range of sample course structures to demonstrate typical training courses on a variety of capital market and derivative subjects.

Please see our Capital Markets Training Courses and Derivatives Training Courses for further details.

Or alternatively, do directly to our sample course outlines

In-house Training

Capital Markets & Derivatives Training specialise in providing cost-effective and tailored in-house training programmes and courses on the capital and derivatives markets.


CISI Training

CISI Accredited training programmes for the CISI Diploma and CISI Advanced Certificate.


Video tutorials

A wide range of video tutorials on key capital market and derivative subject areas.