CISI Diploma: Global Operations Management

Accredited CISI Training

The CISI Diploma: Global Operations training programmes consists of seven full training days split over three sessions.

The Global Operations module is part of the CISI Diploma suite and will appeal to many as it provides an attractive fit for those students from an operations background, as well as for other candidates who are seeking to complete their diploma with a very relevant and transportable industry qualification.

Duration: 7 days (split over three sessions)
Dates: CISI Course Calendar
Cost: Full tutored course: £2,500 + VAT
Discounts for multiple bookings are available
Course level: CISI Diploma
CISI Diploma Course Syllabus
Tutor: Alan Burr Chartered FCSI
Tutor bio
Included: Full tutored course:
  • 7 days training with refreshments and lunch provided
  • Slide pack of all slides used during each training day
  • Selected readings
  • Exam questions with full detailed solutions
  • On-going online tutor support (email / Skype)
Download: N/A

Full student support is provided throughout the course and all students are supported remotely by email in addition to the classroom tuition. Alan uses a variety of techniques to put over and prepare students for the examination.

The CISI exam paper, which is available to sit in June and December each year, contains a compulsory case study which brings together a variety of elements of importance with respect to products, operations and regulation together with risk management and this delivers 35 marks out of the total of 100. Alan devotes specific time in class to analyse and discuss all past case studies. Students are supplied with a book of all past examinations and sample questions are discussed by the tutor with students during the classroom tuition.

Session agendas:

Classroom tuition which constitutes the Global Operations Management course is divided into three phases:

Session1 is an introductory session spread out over two days. The subject is firstly introduced (for those from a non-operational background), this is then followed by a overview of the syllabus, then a review of previous exams. Following this introduction, the session then focusses on the foundations of global operations management.

Session 2 is an intermediate session lasting three days. Key aspects of global operations management are covered in significant detail, including review of previous exam questions, and exam techniques.

Session 3 is the final session lasting two days, and covers the final areas of the syllabus, as well as including a mock exam.

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